Sunday, September 9, 2012

Toilet Paper from Heaven

Sometimes blessings come from the most unlikely places.

I had an experience several years ago that will stay with me. It confirmed to me that our Heavenly Father hears us, He know our needs, and He will help us.

Once upon a time, I was sick as a dog. I couldn't do anything. It was bad. My husband had died the previous year and not one of my six kids was old enough to drive. And then the worst happened. We were on our last roll of toilet paper.

Source unknown
Low and behold, at about 11 PM that night, my boys got all excited and came running into my room. "Mom! Someone TP'd our house!" 

My reply? "Oh, thank you Heavenly Father for answering prayers! Boys, go roll it up. We're gonna make it. "

We have a big tree in our yard. Those kids didn't skimp, let me tell you. They used rolls and rolls and they must not have been pros because they left several of those rolls only half used. And it was the good stuff. I felt spoiled.

Lessons learned?
  • Heavenly Father answers prayers.
  • He has a sense of humor. Really.
  • Blessings can come from unlikely sources.
  • Sometime you have to look for those blessings in the gifts that are given.
  • What you do today may be the answer to somebody's prayer.
  • May we give of our best! =]

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  1. Stuck in the house, sick, with no toilet paper? That sounds awful, especially if it was a stomach sickness. I'm glad those kids saved your butt... literally!