Monday, September 10, 2012

Recipe for Disaster

Not every day is perfect. Some need serious work. The newest recipe for the month of Family Favorite Recipes is not one that I'm fond of....sorry. If I could have skipped it, I would have. Really.

Recipe for Disaster

1 busy lady running full tilt
1 handful children
8 expected dinner guests
1 messy house
1 very solid and immovable couch
1 medical insurance policy that can't be used because the deductible is through the roof

Mix all together and watch the poor lady laugh and cry on the floor while she holds her foot. Groan in sympathy as she attempts to put her dislocated pinky toe back in place (it worked) as the kids look on in fascination. Serve with sympathy and dash of compassion as she hobbles around the house for the next week.

May you never find yourself serving this meal.

~ Erin  =]

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