Sunday, September 23, 2012

Show Your Kids How Much You Love Them

I fell off the wagon. I was going to post thirty recipes in thirty days, then life got busy and I stopped. Now it's been....awhile...and I'm almost embarrassed to come back. Aaarg.

So much for goals.

Here's a better one, at least for the moment, that I found on Amy Lynn Andrews' wonderful Facebook page.

I decided to put this one to the test.

I hugged my 13 year old daughter goodnight and didn't let go.

She hugged me back and didn't let go.

For a long time.

And then we both started giggling.

For a long time.

It made me wonder how many times I pull away first because important things need to get done - and how much my kids want to hold on just a little longer.

It's sometimes hard as a single mom, and a widow at that, to find the time to do everything (which is why my kitchen floor is still a mess, but that's another story). Yet when the day comes to an end, they are most important in my life....and they need to know it.

Try an experiment. Hug your kids tonight and wait for them to pull back first. See if they notice a difference. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  =]


  1. My oldest son just left for college & THIS made me cry as well as think the younger ones I will hold tight tonight! Thank you! You're amazing!

    1. Congratulations to be sending one off to college. That has to be emotional in itself! And I am so glad that the ones you have at home are going to get that extra long hug. ~ Erin =]