Monday, November 11, 2013

The Shop at Pooh Corner

I met Francesca on Etsy, and she featured me on her blog a few months ago. Pretty nifty, eh?! It was my first feature ever, and I felt pretty special. 

Francesca's blog is a fun mix of insights on motherhood, give-aways, recipes, money saving tips, and more. It's named after a beautiful poem by William Ross Wallace, "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the Hand That Rules the World". I fell in love with that poem. I'd heard it before, but never read it in full.

I asked Francesca if she'd share a little about herself and her Etsy store, The Shop at Pooh Corner...and for those of you with kids, keep your eyes open for her puzzle, soon to be published in Hilights Magazine!

I decided to open a shop selling vintage items after hosting a giveaway on my blog for another children's vintage shop. I thought, "I can do that!" since I love thrift store shopping and I'm not very crafty.

I also wanted to sell paper crafts, since my mother-in-law got me a Cricut and I've always loved working with paper. So I make confetti and gift tags, too, which is more the focus of my shop since we no longer have two cars and I can't go vintage shopping as much.


The name of my shop is a play on the second Winnie-the-Pooh book by A. A. Milne: "The House at Pooh Corner." I chose it because Classic Pooh represents imagination  innocence  childhood, and a past era - all of which I hope you find in my shop.

Unfortunately I will be closing my shop after Valentine's Day to focus on my kids (I just had a baby!) and writing. Perhaps some day I will return to Etsy!


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