Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ahhhh...the adventure begins....

So here I am...new to all of this and wondering what I am getting myself into. Can't help but think that this could be an adventure and wondering just how nuts-o I must be to be venturing forth.

I am a single mom, a widow in fact, with a whole bunch of kids, struggling to keep afloat, keep sane, go to school, start a business, fiddle on the computer and somewhere in there making dinner and folding some laundry. Sometimes I skip the laundry and we have cold cereal for dinner and ya, sometimes we sink and and that sane thing is questionable.

Starting something new here and thought I would document the adventure as we go along. I am sure that one day I will look back and shake my head and hopefully....smile. Soooo with that in mind, one step at a time.

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